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Dear Alex,    

I want to thank you for the excellent medical assistance and service your practice and Apollonion Hospital provides for me and my family.

Thank you for your professionalism and above all your friendship.

The Apollonion and your practice really makes a difference.

We couldn’t have asked to get a better medical assistance and service in Cyprus.

Not only that it is always correct and fast, your professional and caring personal approach earned our best compliments. 

We were honored, how you and your staff treated us.

I want to add our best wishes to the future mutual cooperation and friendship (hope we will need you as our doctor as less as possible) with you and Apollonion hospital and seize this opportunity to renew to you, dear Alex, the assurances of our highest considerations. 

Dear Alex,

Firstly can I just say a huge Thankyou for your fantastic help with ....... and her poor broken arm yesterday. You had such a calm manner and this put myself and ........ at ease. You looked after us so well, explaining everything and you where extremely caring and thoughtful.

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